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Skaguy080: KAT & the FAT tour 2002?

holy fucking shit.
so, it seems... kathryn made a joke to aaron telling him to fly out of chicago to come see the show with her, & well, aaron decided to really do it!!
so who's freaking out right now & ready to puke?

as of right now we are trying to figure out how to get him into richmond cheap on friday so we can go see NUFAN with donnie that weekend at the 930 club, & then continue from there down to nc for the shows. holy shit that will be a long drive on saturday morning, but so worth it to have 2 of my favorite members of the male species with me. then it will be mest,madcap,homegrown,catch22 2 nights in a row!! how fucking badass. the driving is going to kick my ass hardcore, but its so worth it. i haven had NO excitement in my life. NONE, in like, soooo long. i need this so much. im very very nervous about it (for reasons that i think a good many of you can come up with on your own *ahemflavajaveahemcoughcough*)
holy shit.

im so excited, & nervous & psyched... im not going to be able to eat or sleep until this happens!
i need to get some rest.
im freaking out.
no use for a name...
ahhhh damn.
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