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my friends are such a scandal all of you! but i looooove it!!!

one in particular. miss corinne. haha, but i love you none the less. you are such a scandal.
& then there is manda & natalie who made a dick sucking jungle loving bunny pop up for knight rider anna. hahaha... oh man.
all together, today, tonight... has been good. i woke up, i took a decent shower, i ate with friends, i came back, slept, did some work, slept some more, went to my lone class of the day, ate with friends again, witnessed the decoration of annas cap (you're gonna loooooooove it muahahahaha) had super messy nachos while we chatted about what parts on guys we like and eye color, got my tush humped by homotron frankie who will swear up & down hes not gay (psh, yeah RIGHT)... and oh yeah, danced & skipped in the hall w/manda (sorry about the twisted ankle friend, too much exertion!! you cant move for a week now!)

i feel like i dont tell all my friend enough how much i appreciate them. so here, im saying it. kathryn lori behrends appreciates and loves you. (and you and you and you etc etc etc) the end.
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